Facts about H-pylori

If you have H-pylori, or think you have it, these facts may change your thinking on what to do and why.

Just so you know, I’m not a doctor. Just a bloke who carried H-pylori for 3 years before I found out how to beat it and the misery it causes.

It was ruining my life so I took action. And now I want to share with you what I did. So here’s what you need to know:

H-pylori can live in the mouth. So you can get it from kissing and sharing eating utensils. It’s been found in other bodily fluids too..

So why start with this fact? Easy. The chances are if you have H-pylori, your partner or family does too. This means if you get rid of your H-pylori, it’s easy to catch it back – which is some people “just can’t get rid of it”.

You can also pick it up by eating infected food (my battle with H-pylori started when I ate something infected on a trip to Egypt).

How does having H-pylori make you feel?

  • Fatique (I was overwhelmed with tiredness).
  • Loose stools
  • Irritable Bowels
  • Gas
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Bloating
  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • Anxiety
  • Skin disease

But worst of all for me: my loss of mojo. My libido went through the floor. Not a great feeling for a bloke my age.

There are four usual ways to detect H-pylori:

Blood test for antibodies to Helicobacter Pylori – but this only works ‘once’. Really. After you’ve been treated just once, the antibodies can be around for years afterwards. So it’s easy to catch it again and get a negative test.

Urea breath test – not that reliable if you look in to it, especially so with children.

Endoscopy:  Very invasive (they stick a tube down you), and only looks for the internal symptoms, unless they do a biopsy (cut a bit out of you while they are in there).

Stool sample: The stool test is over 95% accurate. And it’s non-invasive. Best of all, you can do them at home using reliable labs.

(If you’re squeamish about taking a poo in to a tupperware pot, you’re not that series about getting rid of H-pylori. Go read another blog).

The stool sample is by far the most accurate and easy. And it’s all done by post so there really is nothing to be embarrassed about.

But here’s the biggie. Once you know you have H-pylori, how do you treat it?

Doctors treat H-pylori with antibiotics and proton pumps inhibitors. But H-pylori is proving to be more and more resistant to these antibiotics. Failure rates have been reported as low as 50%.

And of course, there are always unwelcome side effects to most medications.

Avoiding some foods – and eating others – usually helps. All these should give you some relief:

  • Cranberries
  • Broccoli & Broccoli Sprouts
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Green Tea
  • Cabbage Juice / Vitamin U

They may well help with H-pylori – but they won’t get rid of it all together. But there are other natural products that will (they certainly did in my case).

And I’ll leave you with: it’s estimated that 30-40% of the US and UK population carries H-pylori. So don’t think you’re on your own.

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Once you know what you have (because the chances are if you have H-pylori, you’ll also have something else), you can then get treatment.

Believe it or not, there’s lots you can do yourself. And that’s in my newsletter too.

Hope this helps.


Dave Hompes.

82 thoughts on “Facts about H-pylori

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Pam,

      Hmmmm. Sorry – I thought I’d replied to this one but the response didn’t seem
      to appear!

      Ok, in my book, there are a couple of dozen pages devoted to answering your
      question – it’s not one I can answer in a few sentences or paragraphs.

      What I can do is give you some of the key foods or ingredients to avoid
      and they are:

      Cow’s milk
      Polyunsaturated oils

      These are great starting points.

      The list looks simple, but avoiding the foods is not easy because
      these items are in loads and loads of foods.

      In the book I teach you how to avoid them, but also what foods to
      eat instead.

      Thus, the job becomes a lot easier for you!

      There are some recipes, food lists, etc. in the book, along with
      some ways in which supermarket foods can also inhibit H pylori
      (studies show that some foods do, in fact, have anti-H pylori
      activity, but you should still consult your doctor about treating
      H pylori, of course)

      If you fancy reading the PDF e-book, it’s here:

      The paperback is at the same website, and you can
      also grab it at Amazon.co.uk

      Hope that helps and do let me know if you have further queries!

      Warmest regards,
      Dave H.

    2. Helen Spears

      I was treated for H ploris several years ago. Recently my husband Bob
      has been diagnosed with H ploris. Appreciated your blog on how you
      fought this bacteria. Bob did have a biopsy to determine his problem.

    3. kathleen walker

      i have had pylori for years been on endoscopy .no tablets cure it i am alergic to penicillen and most antibiotics .my doctor told me there is nothing else that can be done just use amprazole and they havnt helped i hope one day they get a cure its a terrible thing .maybe you might help with some ething thank you kath

      1. Dave Post author

        Hi Kath,

        Sure – I can help here. The very first thing to do is get your diet optimized, so that you reduce inflammation and damage in your gut.

        This step is critically important – you’ll learn why in the book itself.

        I personally used a product called Matula Herbal Formula. IT worked very well for me, but only after I’d changed my diet.

        Another reason you’d want to change your diet is that some of the foods you’re currently eating are probably contributing to the way you feel.

        I have some – not all – people report to me that they feel MUCH better when they change their foods, even before they’re eradicated the H pylori.

        Grab the ebook version here.

        Let me know if I can help further.


    4. Rekha patel

      Please let me know what I can eat with h pylorie I have had 2 lots of antibiotics last ones were a quadriple therapy still no change please can you help me what I need to do to fed rid of this

      1. Rekha patel

        Hi I had a stool test 8 weeks ago and confirmed I had h plyorie been on 14 day course of antibiotics then had a bresth test and a endoscopy biopsy both test confirmed u still have h plyorie doct have said I have had 3 lots of antiobiotics snd there is nothing else they can give me please advise on what I can do now I Dnt no wot to eat with this


        1. Dave Post author

          Hi Rekha

          This is not an uncommon situation – the medications are only 70% effective worldwide, according to the 2012 statistics presented by the European Helicobacter Study Group.

          I have written a comprehensive program to help people and included it in my book.

          It’s called The H Pylori Diet, and is in two versions:
          h-pylori-diet-ebook (PDF)
          h-pylori-diet (paperback)

          Some excellent natural alternatives that people report good success with are Matula
          Herbal Formula and Gastromend HP.

          Warm regards

      2. Dave Post author

        As per my separate response:

        I have written a comprehensive program to help people and included it in my book.

        It’s called The H Pylori Diet, and is here:

        H-pylori ebook.


      1. Dave Post author

        Start with avoiding gluten, milk and soy.

        There are others, and they are listed in my book

        I also list which specific herbs and supplements I use with my clients to help them get rid of H. pylori, as well as which foods you can use to replace the ones you are avoiding.

        You can learn more by clicking here.


      1. Dave Post author

        The key list of foods to avoid is in my e-book, The H. Pylori Diet.

        Start with avoiding gluten, processed sugar, milk and soy. All forms.

        You’ll likely find that avoiding these foods o an ongoing basis brings significant benefit.


    5. Kate

      Hello I have suffered with Gerd for a long time. Only recently have i looked at my diet. At the minute. I eat porridge for breakfast no sugar with blueberries. Gluten free bread fruit and veg. Kiwi fruit melon apples oranges. I try to eat broccoli carrots rubbard celery leeks onions garlic fish chicken spinach tomatoes radishes sweet potatoe lettuce I replaced rice with couscous or quinoa try to eat little and often. Don’t eat a heavy meal after 6 o’clock
      Try to avoid wheat too much sugar chocolate greasy food fizzy drinks. Take regular exercise and try to drink 8 glasses of water over the day. If eating yogurt try to eat live yogurt natural I hope this helps you to start of with. During a bad attack I nearly paid £33.00 to some one who was trying to make profit through my suffering. Really hope this helps you

      1. Dave Post author

        Hi Kate,

        Thanks for your comment.

        At the moment, I don’t think your diet is really appropriate for dealing with GERD.

        You are eating too much carbohydrate-based food and not enough protein and healthy oil.

        Gluten free bread is not great – it’s junk food really.

        I’ll be brutally honest and say that it’s tough to recommend a complete solution in a post here – there are too many things to consider.

        GERD can be caused by the following factors

        Spicy food
        (you have these covered)
        LOW stomach acid secondary to H. pylori
        Hiatal hernia
        Bacterial overgrowth
        Candida overgrowth
        Nutrient deficiencies (sometimes potassium)
        Alcohol consumption
        NSAID medications

        …and more.

        If you have not tested for H. pylori yet, I recommend you do so ASAP because
        if the GERD is being caused by H. pylori, changing your food and doing anything
        else probably won’t work.

        Also, if you’d like more information on diet, read my book:

        It contains a lot of useful information on optimising your foods, digestion and so on.


    6. Immanuel justina

      Yes iam one of those patients ..i need to hears which kind of food to eat and avoid

      1. Dave Post author

        Hi there,

        I recommend you avoid gluten, milk and soy, and several others. The main foods I recommend you avoid, AND the ones I recommend you eat, PLUS the specific herbs and supplements that kill H pylori are all listed in my book, The H Pylori Diet.

        You can read it by clicking here.


  1. Mary Ann

    I have benn sick with this for several months. We finally found it in a blood test and I was put on antiviotics and protonix. 14day. It helped some but after waiting 14 days and then a stool antigen came back positive. I am now on my 2nd round of meds. I hope to get rid of this awful thing soon as I heard it can cause stomach cancer. Any help is appreciated.

    1. Dave Post author

      Hello Mary Ann,

      Thank you for your comment. I appreciate you’re having a hard time with this.

      First, because I am not a doctor, I can’t offer medical advice.

      However I can tell you what I did to get rid of pesky H pylori.

      A fact for you: you’re not alone in experiencing failed treatment.
      The 2012 consensus report on H pylori treatment here in Europe stated
      that treatments are now only around 70-75% effective.

      This means one in 4 people doesn’t succeed first time round.

      The reason is usually that the H pylori bacteria are resistant
      to one of the antibiotics in your treatment pack (again, this is
      a recognized and documented fact, not my opinion).

      When I had H pylori, I didn’t use antibiotics at all. I am not
      a fan of using medical drugs unless I absolutely have to.

      That’s just my personal choice and I am making no recommendation
      for you to follow the same path.

      I got rid of H pylori in the following way:

      1. I changed my diet – I cut out a load of bad foods from my diet
      and started eating much better foods.

      Some foods I cut out were gluten, soya and cow’s milk.
      (tons of info about how to do that in my book)

      2. I used a natural, herbal program to kill the H pylori.

      The usual herbal method of mastic gum actually made me feel
      worse, but it does help some people.

      I actually used a product called Matula Herbal Formula and
      it worked great for me.

      Some folk say it’s expensive, but I value my health more than
      anything else so the cost was worth it.

      MY symptoms of heartburn, bloating and chest pain went away
      very quickly when I changed my diet and used the Matula.

      One thing I should add – it appears from your email that you
      retested too soon.

      Again, the consensus view on retesting in the literature
      suggests that people wait 28 days before retesting.

      Ask your doctor about this.

      If I can help with anything else please let me know.

      Best wishes and good luck,
      Dave Hompes.

    1. Dave Post author

      When the antibody is positive, it USUALLY means there is an active H pylori infection.

      However, one problem with the H pylori blood test is that the antibodies can stay high
      for months or even years after the H pylori has gone.

      If this is your FIRST test, I would say it’s accurate, but if it is a SECOND or THIRD
      test, I recommend you get breath test or stool test to confirm.

      Warm regards
      Dave Hompes

  2. Maryama

    Hi.i have h pylori since 2007 and it keep coming back im tired too sick and kno what eat and wht to avoid.so can u please like.thx

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Maryama,

      All this info is contained in my book, The H Pylori Diet.

      Get it here: h-pylori-diet.

      Foods to avoid include: cow’s milk, gluten, soy, vegetable oils, spicy foods.

      There’s a whole Mother Nature’s bounty of foods to eat and they’re all in the book.

      Eat coconut oil, fresh fruit, root vegetables, organic meats, fresh fish and seafood, etc.

      Use antibiotics from your doctor, or herbs, to eradicate the H pylori.

      My favourite herb is Matula Herbal Formula: http://www.perfect-natural-health.com

      I hope this helps!

      Warmest regards,

  3. c,allen

    I was told I had h-pylori on 9-11-01 and I have had enough. I was told by a doc that I must have had it many years before she found it. I just want to scream and cry out loud…. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired…. I have to find a way of getting sooooome relief.

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi – have you read my book?

      If not, i HIGHLY recommend you do so as a matter of priority.

      It will shed some light on how and why this situation has occurred for you.

      Get it here: h-pylori-diet

      Is there anything specific I can help you with?

      Warm regards

  4. Danell Ragsdale

    Hi Dave, It seems i have had h-pylori sence I was a child. I have always been sick but it took a surgen to find this out. I have been on 3 different antibotics ( sorry im a bad speller) and other meds. Waiting 8 wks before retesting. My hands smell like mildew all of the sudden (just wanted to know if you ever hard of that) Im being told the they will surgically remove it. Im tired of being sick each year it gets worse. Please just let me know what you think. I know your no doc but you have been through this. I would like your e-book. I am trying the Matula. Best wishes and health Danell

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Danell,

      OK, this sounds complex.

      I’ll be H pylori is NOT the only bad bug you have in your tummy.

      If your hands smell like milldew, you might have some fungal/mold
      overgrowth on your skin, in your body, etc. This needs checking.

      Do you have mold/milldew at home? If so, get outta there.

      Get checked for parasites and fungal overgrowth. Ask your doctor
      about this.
      Also, some info here: h-pylori-testing

      When you say “surgically remove it” what do you mean?

      Grab my e-book here: http://www.h-pylori-symptoms.com/h-pylori-diet-ebook
      Get onto the eating program ASAP.

      Keep us posted!

      Warmest regards,

  5. Tiffany

    We just found out that my father has this H pylori and also stomach cancer what’s the best thing that he can do. Any cures? Or plants that can help him? What can he eat?

    1. Dave Post author


      If your father has stomach cancer, that’s a medical issue.

      Because H pylori is the number one risk for stomach cancer, it’s essential he takes steps
      to remove it.

      It’s a really delicate situation – I can’t give advice on healing cancer: that’s the job
      of the medical staff.

      When I had H pylori, I treated it with Matula Herbal Formula.

      Other people have great success using Mastic Gum.

      There’s info in my book about all this, though the book doesn’t cover anything to
      do with cancer, as that’s way out of my juresdiction.

      High doses of vitamin C may help with cancer, according to several reports I’ve
      read; vitamin C may also help work against H pylori.

      Again, I’d recommend you talk with the docs about this.

      Keep us posted on your Dad’s progress.

      Very best wishes,

  6. SUNNI



    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Sunni,

      Yeah, the blood test has some issues.

      You either have H pylori or not – there’s no in between.

      As I explain my book, the blood test doesn’t look for H pylori directly – it only measures antibodies.
      Thus, it cannot tell you with certainty whether you have an active infection, or whether you have had
      one in the past.

      The best tests are breath or stool tests.

      The best advice I can offer if you’re really looking for detailed information is to read my book, as
      it contains details on symptoms, testing, diet, treatment, etc.

      It’s available in the Kindle store, or here: h-pylori-diet-ebook

      Keep us posted on how you get on!


  7. Rodney j Thrash

    Am been haveing bad pain in my stomach that want go away so what should I do

    1. Dave Post author

      The first things I’d do is alter my diet in this situation.

      Remove all the foods that could be causing your symptoms: gluten, cow’s milk, soy, etc.

      Information on EXACTLY how to do this is contained in my book (h-pylori-diet)

      Then, ask your doctor for a H pylori test.

      If you have H pylori, you’ll need to get it treated – your doctor will be able to help with this.

      Hope this helps!

  8. William Serra

    I have had a bleeding ulcer and the doctor day’s it’s hpylori so they gave me antibiotics three times and know they say I still have it what can I do to get rid of this bacteria? Thanks and Please Help

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi William,

      I am not allowed to offer medical advice on this website as I am not a doctor.

      A bleeding ulcer is a medical condition that needs to be treated by a doctor.

      However, I am able to offer advice on how to use nutrition to heal your gut.

      Several natural substances are excellent for providing nutrition to your stomach and intestinal lining.

      These are gelatin/collagen powder, DGL, zinc carnosine and vitamin C.

      My book discusses DGL, zinc and vitamin C, as well as suggesting foods and herbs that fight H. pylori.

      It’s definitely important for you to eliminate the H pylori. Has your doctor used different sets of antibiotics, or the same ones each time you were treated? If the same ones have been used, perhaps you can request a different combination?

      Furthermore, have all the people in your household been tested for H pylori?

      It can be passed from person to person, and it’s no good you trying to get rid of it if you’re picking it up again from others.

      Can I help further?

      Warm regards

  9. Deanna

    Hi Dave,

    I have had HP for nearly 10 years, only this year a doctor has actually diagnosed me with HP and Gastritis after they did a gastroscopy and biopsy
    the Gastritis i assume was brought on by the HP, together they are a living nightmare!
    i have had one dose of the triple treatment antibiotics that has done abosolutely nothing, betwen specialists, herbalists and every other quack in travelling distance, no one has been able to help me, i cant eat close to nothing without feeling horrible and becoming nauseous through the night, i hardly sleep if i have had any sort of acidic dinner.
    i stay away from all the nightshade foods such as tomato (worst one), potato, eggplant, peppers, onion, garlic.. they all seem to sit in my digestive system and take literally over 10 hours to digest properly to the point that i can lye down and get a good nights rest.
    i have gone off the gluten and dairy before and yes my stomach felt 100% better, but surely there is a better way to treat this than to deprive my body of all hearty, rich in flavour foods for the rest of my life?
    i am in desperate need of some answers, as the more i read up on this the more i feel that i am destined to never be rid of it!

    Please help!

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Deanna,

      Ok, I feel your pain.

      First, if you felt better off the diary and gluten, you need to get off it again.

      If you don’t, you may NEVER feel better.

      A solid 90-days off all the foods listed as BAD in my book should be avoided.

      You may not know this, but gluten causes more than 55 diseases. It’s not just a gut irritant.

      Gluten sensitivity is a LIFELONG condition, whereas dairy products can usually be reintroduced once your gut is healed.

      I also recommend you get a comprehensive stool test done.

      The test will show you what else is going on in your digestive system that needs to be dealt with.

      You CAN get rid of H pylori, but the H pylori isn’t your main challenge.

      Your main challenge is having the courage ad discipline to make the lifestyle changes that will allow your body to heal.

      I can help you every step of the way, but the decision to move forward must come from you.

      Warmest regards,

  10. Gaye Bjornson

    Hi Dave, feeling lucky that I came across your blog. I am 71 years of age and I just tested (blood) positive. Started antibiotics and Nexium even tho it is not the way I want to treat it but too scared not to as I too, am sick and tired of being sick and tired and nervous as to what might be in store for me next ie cancer. I had ulcers in my early 20’s they had no treatment just drink lots of milk avoid spicy foods and stress but mainly they blamed it on stress even when I had none!! lots of bleeding ulcers over the next 10 years (duodenum) it was before Tagamet was introduced and then in my 30’s a bleeding gastric ulcer. I was scheduled for surgery and had a vagotomy, the cutting of the vegus nerve to stop acid secreation into my stomach and partial removal of my stomach to avoid ulcers later on. Started on PPI’s and have been on and off them since. Have had many endoscopy’s to keep track of condition and also to stretch my esophagus to be able to swallow food and pills (felt like a lump in my throat) which always resulted in a new batch of PPI’s. I turned to albernative health 10 years ago and have had some success with diets supplements and vits and mins. especially probiotics and digestive enzymes DGL omega 3 vit D green drinks and anything anyone could recommend that might help Also chiropractor treatments, massages, a natural healer named Adam from Vancouver BC Canada who is a scientist and now a naturopathic Dr. but does many healing workshops across Canada on how to learn to heal yourself, hypnotherapy and imaging, you name it I was open to it and still none of the many medical Dr.s suggested being tested for the H Pylori bacteria. I started having sever pain in my stomach and esophagus 2 months ago and this time nothing seemed to touch it I was upgraded from Losec to Nexium which did stop the pain. I asked to be tested 2 weeks ago because on studying ulcers I read about the H Pylori study and was determined to get to the bottom of my stomach and esphagus pain. Everytime I went to a Dr they treated me for Gerd and my Father died at 78 from esohpagul cancer and lived with heart burn his whole life which he treated with baking soda. I have decided to complete this 2 week antibiotic and nexium program but I also want to incorporate natural therapy so I am ordering your book and will definitely try the herbal method and pray that finally I may have found the answer!!!!!!!!!! I apologize for the length of this comment but it’s been a lengthy illness!

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Gaye,

      Thanks for your comment – I am sure you can overcome these symptoms.

      I note you have purchased one of our stool tests – we’ll work with you closely once the results are returned to ensure you make a speedy recovery.


  11. angela

    I’ve done the endoscopy which turn out to be hpylori, do I need to do this stool test? This will be too long for me to explain my situation, thus how can I get a consultation with you? Thanks

  12. Terry

    I recently was diagnose with the h pylori infection it has couse me so much disconfort depression and excessive weight lost I been researching and it’s comon to loose waight but I have lost 25 pounds in about a month and half is this normal I don’t know what to think I’m waiting to get an endoscopy hopefully I a week or two

    1. Dave Post author

      It might not just be H pylori that is causing this.
      Weight loss can happen due to other bad bugs, too – ANYTHING that causes a lot of inflammation and stress in your gut can lead to fairly rapid weight loss.
      If you would like to run a more comprehensive home test for H. pylori, I highly recommend a comprehensive stool analysis like this one.

  13. Rick

    Hi David, I know your not a doctor and I know you cant give medical advice but would like to know your personal opinion.
    I have a problem in my family of 2 adults and 3 children. 4 years ago I became ill with various ailments from what the doctor diagnosed with being cfs, fibromyalgia, stomach issues, skin problems and candida. 4 Months later my wife also became ill with similar but less severe issues, Over a period of a year my whole family started have similar issues. You probably already know that once you are diagnosed with cfs, doctors will do no more for you.
    Anyway after doing lots of research on the internet is started to see a link with pylori and the problems we were having.
    By this time I were not getting on with my doctor as I kept going back and asking them to reconsider my cfs diagnosis also asking if I could have a pylori test of which I kept getting a no. My wife was eventually given a pylori test and was positive, my daughter was given a pylori test and was also positive. They were both given a prescription for double antibiotics and ppi. At this point I went to see my doctor again suggesting that myself and my two sons have the test immediately and before my wife and daughter take the antibiotics because if we all have it, it maybe passed back and forth.
    Again my doctor would not budge on this matter and suggested to my wife and daughter that they take the antibiotics.
    My wife and daughter took the antibiotics and all aillments dissapeared, they were delighted after nearly two years of life on hold.
    3 months later my daughter is still well but my wifes is slowly but surely returning.
    I believe my wife has caught it from me again and I believe that my daughters will also return in time.
    What is personal opinion on this within families.

    Regards Rick

    1. Dave Post author

      It is common to see H pylori in families. When I’ve run testing, I’ve seen it in entire households before.
      This makes sense because H pylori can be passed from person to person by kissing, sexual contact and also even sharing eating and drinking utensils. Pets can also carry H pylori.
      BUT, I want to make it clear that H pylori is not the only one. There are dozens of bad bugs that can cause symptoms, and also pass from person to person.
      Parasites like Blastocystis hominis, for example, are often found in several family members and are associated with CFS and Fibro.
      The way I would work in this situation would be to run a comprehensive stool test, like the one you can read about here.
      I’d also have all family members remove inflammatory foods like gluten, and nightshades (more info about this in my book, here.)
      If you’d like help with this, email us at info@hompesmethod.com
      I wish you well and hope we can help further.

  14. Di

    Hi Dave, can nit do the pill combos omg so sick, can not get matula tea in Aus I’ve changed my diet what about GSE? Can you please help I’m slowly drowning here with migraine every dam day, life is awful, it’s stuffed my health..cheers Di..

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi there – you can get Matula in Australia now.
      The Australian authorities lifted the AQIS regulation some time ago now.
      It’s available by clicking here.
      Warmest regards

  15. Sheri

    I will find out in 2-3 days if I have H Pylori, my question is my daughter is 12 weeks pregnant, should I stay away from her (I have now for three weeks)?

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Sheri,
      It’s well known that H. pylori can be passed between people, so I recommend you get rid of it as quickly as possible.
      Your doctor will recommend antibiotics, and if you would like a natural approach using food, herbs and supplements, please read my book, which you can learn about here.

  16. Selena Marroquin

    hi Dave, I just got comfirmed that I have h.p and I’m sick and tired of it. I’ve had it for a 2 years already but my doctor never ran tests or anything, just gave me antiacid medications but since I switched my new doctor has ran test and comfirmed it’s high. I DO NOT want to take medications. antibiotics do not help me at all, they make me feel worse, I’m so desprite for a cure that I’m even considering surgery, but I don’t know how that would work? I have researched that Manuka Honey cures ulcers but I need help finding other things too. can you please help me? thank you.

    1. Dave Post author

      There is a lot of information on the Internet that’s only partly correct.
      Many substances have been shown to fight H. pylori in test tubes and dishes, but not necessarily in the human stomach and intestine.
      I know of more than 25 different products that claim to kill H pylori, as well as foods like garlic, ginger, broccoli sprouts, cranberry juice and cabbage juice.
      The trouble is, how much of each food do you need, and how long do you need to eat it before it kills the H pylori?
      Having worked with more than 2000 people now, I’ve come to know what works best.
      Everything I know is written in the book, The H Pylori Diet.
      I think it will be a big help for you.
      Click here to learn more.

  17. Antonietta Meco

    Hi Dave

    I had H pylori In 2007, Last year in 2012 I got it again I was treated by my Doctor it still did not go way now I have it again May 2013, it scaring me I am not to sure what to do. I eat broccoli also a lot of berry nothing seem to help me.


    1. Antonietta Meco

      Sorry Dave I forgot to mention Iam being treated again that too much drugs to soon, Also Matula Herbal is very expenses do you Know where I can get it for cheaper. The cost That i seen it was 150.00 a box that to much money.

      1. Dave Post author

        Hi there,
        If you feel Matula Herbal Formula is too expensive, I recommend you read my book so you can see which supermarket foods and other supplements can be used to fight H pylori.
        You can learn more about the book by clicking here.

  18. Antonietta Meco

    Hi Dave I am on antibiotics For the second time, in Jan I was on it and it still did not go away I am not sure what to do I am on my 8 day I have 6 days left but, I feel worst. I feel like the doctor is killing me I need an answer right away.

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Antonietta,

      Thanks for your message. It’s not uncommon for the medications to fail – statistically the global success rate is 70%, meaning that 3 in every 10 people (approx one third) don’t eradicate H-pylori using the medications.

      I beat H. pylori without drugs, and we’ve helped countless hundreds achieve the same results without using medications.

      There are many anti-H pylori herbs, spices and foods:

      Garlic, certain berries, coconut, broccoli, cranberry are foods we know help.
      Turmeric, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, carnosine may also help.
      DGL, berberine, mastic gum and other supplements also are effective, as is Matula Herbal Formula.

      I created a book to help people work through a programme for 60-days – which foods to eat, which ones to avoid and EXACTLY how to use the supplements for maximum effect.

      I recommend you read it (it’s risk free and has a money back guarantee).

      Click here for more details.


  19. Margaret Carey

    Hi Dave,
    thanks for this site. I had helicobacter diagnosed a few years ago and vought your book and DVDs at the time….I had the triple therapy twice and also naturopathic treatments and finally tested negative via a stool test. I have been going through a lot of the same symptoms again and have been diagnosed with anxiety issues….I get pain in my left shoulder and arom and then my fingers get cery cold….the dr feels it is anxiety as opposed to a heart ciondition….I had stress tests etc la few years ago when I had similar symptoms and was told I am unfit…..which is probably true becaus for a long time now I haven’t had the energy to exercise…
    Anyway today I woke up in tears and frustration again at the lack of energy and constant feeling of hunger even though I have eaten….I cant take in any more food as I know my stomach is full but I feel hingry…. have anxiety …cry at the drop of a hat….lethargy…bouts of different types of bowel movements then it all becomes normal again for a while….. I am going to ask my dr to order a stool test to see if there are any parasites or helicobacter. Thanks for the confirmation I got after reading your replies again….I sincerely hope it is helicobacter so I can get on with treatment and get better.
    Kind regards
    Margaret (Australia)

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Margaret,

      Thank you for your message.

      In situations such as these, a full body work up is needed.

      All the body’s systems are linked together and the main ones that fall out of balance to cause symptoms are the digestive, hormonal and detoxification systems.

      Your adrenal glands, thyroid, liver, kidneys and gut will all likely need work in order to pull you into a higher level of health.

      I can help you with this, but first I would need to look at your health history and case review closely.

      If you’re interested in this, please look at this web page and book a consultation:

      With warm regards,


  20. Marci

    Dear Dave,

    Thank you for your advices in your book. I am just diagnosed with H Pylori while having symptoms of chronic urticaria. I just wanted to ask if you have any specific advice for the diet while I have no stomach issues.


    1. Dave Post author

      Hi there,

      Yes, I recommend you still follow the diet I recommend, as it is an approach that helps with general health, not just stomach issues.

      The stomach and intestine can be inflamed and damaged even though you do not feel symptoms in your gut.

      “Silent” digestive damage is a major problem and can occur due to H. pylori, gluten consumption, parasites, and others.

      The details of my dietary approach can be found here:

      Hope this helps!


  21. Janine

    Hi Dave! I read your book two years ago after taking 4 months of antibiotics/flagyl treatment…I am now finally done with the quadriple treatment and ready to take the natural stuff (gastromend and broccomax) I also have been on the diet for the last two months (on and off somedays we’re traveling and there is no proper food.)

    I am getting off the PPI today, to test in two weeks. Can I start taking those two I mentioned or does the PPI interfere with their efficacy?

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Janine – thanks for your question.

      I am not a doctor, so I cannot make any recommendations whatsoever about medical drugs, including PPIs.

      In my experience, however, the natural products I recommend in my book tend to work very well with or without the PPIs.

      There is one very big note of caution with all antacid medications: most people have heartburn, acid reflux and other symptoms because of LOW stomach acid, not high stomach acid.

      The antacid meds can actually make the problem worse. I am actually writing a book about this at the moment; for now, you may like to see the book “Why Stomach Acid is Good For You” by Drs Lenard and Wright.


  22. Dale Bonham

    I’m lost ! I had one night of bad indigestion which led to the next day of a stomach ache and feeling nausea . The nausea went away but the stomach aches come and go and loose stool. I went in and had a blood test and the rest came back positive and my doctor put me on two diffrent atibiotics and a acid reducer . He only told me to stay off milk and spicy foods , I have noticed I burp more and my stomachs grumbles a lot more then usual . If I do have this H pylori what else can I do to get rid of this thing ?

  23. Mohit chhabra

    Hi I was diagnosed with h pylori about 2 months back and have taken the triple therapy, however there is still no improvement in symptoms, one day I feel better and the other is back to same. My symptoms are pain in the middle of the chest, feeling of food getting stuck, burning sensation is stomach at times and lots of belching after eating. It feels food takes time to go down the gut from the chest. Please help

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi there, Mohit

      I recommend you take a look at my book, The H Pylori Diet.

      It’s a very important book, and explains why these symptoms occur and how you can beat them.

      It also teaches you how and why H. pylori sometimes does not get killed off with antibiotics, and what you can do instead.

      Finally, it provides a complete programme teaching you what to do in order to fight H. pylori using diet and natural products.


  24. Chris Barrett

    I will be away for a few weeks but would like to know more details regarding the cost of your book and the stool test . I am currently based in Ireland.
    Thank you

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi there, Chris

      Thanks for your enquiry. The main website contains all details on the book and stool test.

      Click here to learn more about the H Pylori Diet book

      Click here to learn more about the home stool test, which looks for different strains of H pylori, plus Candida, parasites other bacteria, inflammation gluten sensitivity and digestive efficiency. It’s a real “Rolls Royce” test.

      I hope the info helps.


  25. hpylorihelpdesk

    Hi David,
    I just wanna say thanks again for giving a precise guideline as to what we should use to eradicate Hpylori. It’s been several years since reading a few of your books and following the prescribed treatment and I can say I am still doing fine. Thank God for that. Thanks.

  26. Anil

    Hi David,
    I am suffering from gastritis & H. Pylori (found in endoscopy & biopsy). I am taking ayurvedic medicine as I can not find a Naturopath who recommend mastic gum, manuka honey etc to me. Please advise if only specialist ayurvedic doctor can treat it or there are many ways to remove the bacteria. Moreover, whatz the symptoms if bacteria is totally killed & what test is recommended?

    I am in India. How can i get help from you sir.

    1. Dave Post author

      Hello Anil,

      I recommend you read The H Pylori Diet to gain information on which foods to eat and which ones to avoid; also it teaches you which herbs to take.

      You do not need a naturopath to prescribe them.

      Check the details here.


  27. Jurgen

    I had h pylori infection. I tried all natural products to fight this infection. Here in Belgium -Europe the universatairy hospital with the best doctors says that h Pelori can not be treated with natural supplements. The golden rule for treatment is with 2 types of antibiotics and a acid blocker. Cure needs to be done for 7 days.

    1. Dave Post author

      This is not the case. I’ve gotten rid of H pylori twice using herbs, and it’s not that difficult to do. The 2 antibiotics and an acid blocker, according to the latest research, only work around 70% of the time and the eradication rate can be as low as 50% in some studies. If you want to read more about this, you can do so here: http://gut.bmj.com/content/61/5/646.full

  28. Connie

    Dave its me Connie again an i send you a letter at 6:07am your time.. I also wanted
    To mention how much weight I have lost from h. Pylori, my normal weight should
    Run in between 130 an 135 for my high I’m 5,4feet. For 8-years my weight has gone up
    In down in between 110 an120 an for the last year i have been losing weight like crazy
    Cause everything that i eat makes me sick it also makes my stomach hurt really bad
    An also makes me feel there’s something in my throat like some kind of blockish an even
    When i drink something it sometimes even feels like the liquids are hard to get down
    Sometimes they feel very heavy going down my throat an it really scareds me cause
    I start to feel this heavynes going down my throat an even my chest it is a very scary there
    Feeling plus i Harley dont even have an appetite anymore plus none of my clothes fit
    Me anymore.. Please tell me what i can eat Dave I’m losing sooooo much weight day by day
    H. Pylori has made me look anorexia i am crying out for help.. Dave if you have really
    Gone through what the rest of us are goin through right now then please email me back
    Me an my husband wanna know more about your book.

  29. Dave Post author

    Hi Connie,
    Thank you for your message. We would need to engage in some one to one consulting support to help you here, as it is a complex situation.
    I am certain we can help, so it would be fantastic if you could look at the information on my main website on booking a consultation.
    You can learn more by clicking here.
    Warmest regards,


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