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It all started with a nasty bout of food poisoning in Egypt.

I lay awake in my hotel room feeling as though my throat was on fire. Heartburn and reflux symptoms made me feel like I was going to die – a not too unfamiliar feeling to many H pylori suffers.

"Me, just before I caught H-pylori"

“Me, just before I caught H-pylori. I wish I knew then, what I know now…”

I spent the night vomiting and the following week on the toilet with diarrhoea. All this was accompanied by nausea and extreme weakness.

But two weeks later – despite returning home – I was still suffering with a combination of anxiety, lethargy, fatigue and a curious white coating on my tongue.

In fact, it took well over a month before I actually felt like myself again, but I was still ‘not great’. I felt tired all the time. I was far from a picture of health.

But all that changed in 2007.

And it all started with a simple stool test. It was analysed for bacteria, parasites and fungal overgrowth. Lo and behold, my test result came back positive for H pylori (and some other nasty bacteria).

Once I knew what was wrong with me, I went on a mission to do everything I could to put it right. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lori

    Hi there!
    Wanted to get your opinion. Been suffering with GI issues, abdominal pain etc. for years. Had biopsy and blood test for h pylori but both were negative (at the time I was using pepto and proton pump inhibators). Docs told me test were negative so you don’t have it. Had a private lab run a stool test and came back positive. Showed doctor and he reluctantly agreed to give me antibiotic therapy. I’m just confused about the results not being consistent. Any thoughts?

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi Lori,

      No single test is 100% perfect – they all have the potential to miss the H pylori.

      The reasons are complex and too detailed for me to explain here.

      I did write about them in my e-book:
      h-pylori-diet-ebook (PDF)

      Warm regards

      * please see disclaimers at the bottom of this page: I can’t guarantee your results will be the same as me and others, but you have to keep moving forward to find the best solution for YOU ?


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