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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Julie Barkoff

    Hi, I’ve been having a feeling like a lump in my throat, never had reflux before but as time goes on the lump gets or feels more prominent especially if I eat even one strawberry it can cause this process, its pretty scary cuz at first I thought I was having allergic reaction to my foods which I generally eat gluten free, soy free and no milk hardly sometimes I break down and get a ice cream cone. Anyway I called Dr. and told asst. my trouble and she said to take prilosec for two weeks. Uneasy about it cuz I hate these over counter drugs. Decided to try it, so desperate, after a couple of days I was no longer constipated, headaches went away I even looked not so tired. Rats! Why did that work? After shy of 2 wks went off of it because they are dangerous I mean suppressing your digestive juices? Not good. Anyway went to dr. told me to double dosage and stay on it for 6 more wks! Even manufacture says to take for only 2 wks. Anyway I ask him about h pylori and he said I dont have it. No test or anything just used little scope to look at back of throat and said its red and little inflamed. Now could prilosce help if it keeps acid down so throat heals or is that nonsense? Hope to hear from you soon cuz unfortunately I ‘m feeling really bad again being off prilosec. Can I get a stool test from my regular dr. Thanks Julie

    1. Dave Post author

      Julie, ok, here’s my take on this:

      Lump in throat is a classic symptom of a stomach ulcer.

      Most stomach ulcers (80%) are caused by H pylori.

      The Prilosec may have helped reduce the symptoms, and may have helped the ulcer to
      a degree, but if the ulcer is being caused by H pylori, I’d recommend you have that
      checked out by your doctor.

      Ask for the H pylori stool test, or breath test.

      If she doesn’t agree to run the test, check out the details about home-stool testing
      here: H-pylori-testing

      Keep us posted!

      * please see disclaimers at the bottom of this page: I can’t guarantee your results will be the same as me and others, but you have to keep moving forward to find the best solution for YOU ?

  2. arthur o'neill

    hello david , impressed with my new knowledge from your dvd s have started to implement it . i would like to buy your book on what diet we should have . i would rather the money go to yourself than some greedy prick capitalising on your name and previous hard work . can you arrange this for me please . also can you clear up in your opinion is fresh milk ok as there are conflicting ideas . thank you for your time . i hope you get rewarded for it before you become another ,, yea that bloke knew what he was talking about perhaps we should have listened . i was in perth when doc marshal was trying to get people to listen , they thought he was a radical nutter so he went to the states to get listened to . now because of his nobel prize and him being a dr . gee the medical mob discovered it . any previous research from china or imput from anywhere else is ignored. you stick to your guns . dr’s bury their mistakes . you take personal for the hundreds of thousands that one man [you] have helped ,help themselves . in fact there are probably millions . i and a great many others admire and applaud your in site. arthur o

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks Arthur! I really appreciate your comment 🙂
      You can order my book directly from my website by clicking here.
      Stay well and let us know if we can help further.
      Warm regards
      Dave Hompes

      * please see disclaimers at the bottom of this page: I can’t guarantee your results will be the same as me and others, but you have to keep moving forward to find the best solution for YOU ?

  3. Sam

    Recently I had a Urinary Pyrolle Analysis Test
    I am now on supplements for Pyroluria Management

    Is this suggesting I could be in the same sample population of people with H-pylori or some other strand of pylori?

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi there,

      H. Pylori is a bacterium that lives in your stomach; it is not the same as pyroluria.

      “Pyroluria (or malvaria from the term mauve factor) involves hypothetical excessive levels of pyrroles in the body resulting from improper hemoglobin synthesis.[13] Carl Pfeiffer believed that pyroluria is a form of schizophrenic porphyria, similar to acute intermittent porphyria where both pyrroles and porphyrins are excreted in the human urine to an excessive degree.”

      Is there anything else we can help with?


      * please see disclaimers at the bottom of this page: I can’t guarantee your results will be the same as me and others, but you have to keep moving forward to find the best solution for YOU ?

  4. Kendra

    Hi, over the past year I’ve had a lot of stomach problems, h pylori and ulcer,fatty liver,acid reflux,Candida,thrash in mouth,they treated me with antibiotics 3 weeks of 2000mg. a day.They said it was gone but I have bad stomach problems,I eat no gluten or dairy try to eat healthy no bread any.i take a probiotic daily and digestive enzymes. with other things,now the doctor tells me h pylori is back and gives mebiaxin and amoxil for 2 weeks,I don’t know where to take it or not.i don’t have lot of money for other herbs to try.I’ve read about coconut oil will this treat h pylori ,please help,I work and live with this pain daily.thanks Kendra


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