H-pylori testing check list

If you have symptoms consistent with H pylori, I recommend you get a test from your doctor.

But here’s the thing: if your test is negative – but your symptoms persist – seek a second opinion (Don’t be shy about doing this because the test may not be 100% accurate – more on this below).

You can however, shortcut the whole process, by getting a comprehensive stool analysis straight away (you buy these online, and post your sample, so it’s all done at home).

I battled with H-pylori for three years before I did a stool test. Days after I did one, and I knew exactly what was wrong with me. It wasn’t just the H-pylori that was making me ill – it usually hangs out with other nasty bacteria that I also needed to get rid off.

Course, I’m biased, but if you if think you have – or have – H-pylori, a stool test tells you everything you need to know.

If you already know you have H Pylori:

If you have H pylori, it’s short sighted not to have your partner / family tested too: there’s no point in ridding yourself of it, only to catch it back. Too many people miss this blinding glimpse of the obvious – and are left wondering why they can’t get rid of it.

H-pylori’s partners in crime

After I’d eradicated H pylori, all my upper digestive symptoms went away, the most notable being heartburn and stomach pain.

I can’t guarantee you’ll achieve the same results I did simply because we’re all different, but the relief I got was pretty spectacular.

But I was perplexed by lower digestive symptoms such as excess wind and abdominal pain, which built-up then went away when I took a dump.

The bowel movements themselves were loose and messy, and smelled terrible to boot (my flat mate was not happy).

When I ran a second stool test, I was delighted that H pylori had gone.

BUT a parasite called Blastocystis hominis showed up, much to my horror, as well as a highly toxic fungal/mold overgrowth called Aspergillus.


Look – here’s my retest result: no H pylori (I beat it), but Blasto and Aspergillus were detected.

This explained the lower GI symptoms. A short course of herbs dealt with the Blasto and Aspergillus and the lower GI symptoms of loose stools, wind and abdominal pain went away.

Without the stool test checking for other bad bugs, I’d have been at a loss why some symptoms remained, despite getting rid of H pylori.

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2 thoughts on “H-pylori testing check list

  1. Patty

    Do you sell Matula herbal supplements? If not do you know of the most reliable source to be sure you are getting the real thing? Thank you.

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi there, Patty,
      That’s a great question.
      Matula is best purchased directly from the manufacturer. I have spoken to the owners of the company and trust them implicitly.
      The website I refer my clients to is here.

      * please see disclaimers at the bottom of this page: I can’t guarantee your results will be the same as me and others, but you have to keep moving forward to find the best solution for YOU ?


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