Natural foods to fight H-pylori

With H-pylori, it’s not so much the foods you do eat, but the foods you avoid.

There are three main offenders: gluten, cow’s milk and soy.

I have seen people’s symptoms clear completely by avoiding these three foods.

Unfortunately though, ‘the troublesome three’ also make up these:

Bread, pizzas, breakfast cereals, crackers, biscuits, pasta, beer, lager, pastry, crackers, cakes and biscuits.

Here’s a short video that goes in to a bit more detail:

I can’t stress just how important diet is with fighting H-pylori. But if you’re looking at the list above and wondering what can you eat, I can help!

After three years of suffering with the misery H-pylori brings, I decided to do everything I could to get rid of it. So that meant drastic changes to my diet.

I researched what I needed to avoid, and worked our recipes for the foods I could have. And guess what? After a month or so I had so many recipes I could have written a book. So I did.

You can have a look at it, here.

4 thoughts on “Natural foods to fight H-pylori

  1. Mel Scarlett

    I watch the video but I cannot hear! I am Deaf so I wanna to write it down the lists of allowed to eat and which is to avoid?

    1. Dave Post author

      Hi there – the best thing to do is read my book.

      It contains all the information on the videos (and a lot more).

      Get it here

      Warm regards


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